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Monday, January 09, 2017


Lee Crumbaugh

Yes, Rich, there was that time when I went sideways on the unseen glare ice atop the trail culvert and sailed into the underbrush! Thank you for not laughing (too hard)!

Richard Flansburg

Or, there was the time you slid off the trail and disappeared into the snowy underbrush! Ha! Winter running is character-building but it is also a great time to run with friends and without regard for how fast your pace is. If you can do your winter runs during the daytime like us retired folk, so much the better. Be careful, watch your steps and relax for winter running. Get out there and if it's really cold, simply don't stay out as long as you might in warmer weather. Enjoy. There's nothing like the "schnapps stop and cheese sandwiches after a winter run!

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